European movement for protecting national regions is launched

The Citizens’ Committee aimed to submit the Szekler National Council's EU citizens’ initiative was formed

          On the 30th of April 2013, the Citizens’ Committee aimed to submit the EU citizen's initiative based on the proposal of the Szekler National Council has been formed at Marosvásárhely. On the 30th, the Szekler Council of Marosszék hosted the three members of the committee, Boldoghy Olivér, Dabis Attila and Izsák Balázs, in the Bocskai Hall, on Jókai street. Miren Martiarena, Jordi Xuclá, Publik Antal and Roland Dudda have confirmed live - via internet or telephone - their previous commitment, to participate in submitting the citizens’ initiative for the equality of regions and the sustainability of regional cultures, as members of the citizens’ committee. The same confirmation came from Drs. Frans Jeursen later, on the 3rd of May, due to technical difficulties.
          According to EU Regulation 211/2011, the organizers shall form a citizens’ committee of at least seven persons who are residents of at least seven different member states of the EU. Although these conditions are already fulfilled, the above mentioned group will be expanded with new members, so that they would ensure more favorable conditions for the gathering of signatures. So far, the committee has a total of eight members from seven different member states (Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia). According to the organizers' plans, this will increase to eleven persons and nine member states.
          As the president of the Szekler National Council stated, with the forming of this committee it is intended to launch an EU-wide movement for protecting the national regions. A goal which goes beyond this EU citizen's initiative. The regions having linguistic, cultural, and national characteristics must mutually support each other's efforts, so that the will of the people living on their territories may be realized. For this purpose, cooperation and mutual understanding is needed, and an EU wide institutional framework of this cooperation must be created.

                                                                                                Press office of the Szekler National Council

Sepsiszentgyörgy – Marosvásárhely, the 4th of May 2013

                       Boldoghy Olivér - Slovakia                Dabis Attila- Hungary                     Roland Dudda - Austria

                    Izsák Balázs - Romania                    Drs. Frans Jeursen - Netherlands            Miren Martiarena Barkaiztegi - Spain
                                                           Anton Publik - Sweden            Jordi Xuclá i Costa  - Spain

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