Reply from the Government of Romania

We received reply to our open letter to Prime Minister Victor Ponta. I first read the letter (registered in Bucharest on the 22nd of June) in Strasbourg, on the 26th, in the break between two meetings. I acknowledge the written promise of Romania’s government: during possible administrative reorganization, the country will respect the relevant international and European standards, and naturally, Romania’s international commitments and the will of the affected communities as well. Below, you can read the original reply, and after that, it’s English translation. They have already been forwarded to the embassies of all EU member states, the US, Canada and Russia in Bucharest, asking them to continue observing the events in Romania, and future developments of the administrative reform. We will continue spreading the news throughout the world, though it would be most ideal if the affected people, the Szeklers and their chosen leaders would be the most vigilant in this matter.

Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs                                                     not confidential
Central Unit for the Administrative Reform
Registration number: 2217651/U.C.R.A.P/22.06.2012

To the Szekler National Council,
In the attention of Vice President Csaba Ferencz

Esteemed Mr. Vice President
With regards to your letter addressed to Prime Minister Victor Ponta, filed under the number 15D/6687/23.05.2012 at the Public Relations Direction of the Government’s General Secretariat, and forwarded to the Central Unit for the Administrative Reform for a solution, we would like to notify you of the following:
As required by the constitution, the reconsideration / modification of Romania’s territorial-administrative organization (currently regulated by law number 2/1968) is possible only by a special law. Should the government develop a new bill, or strategic preparatory document for Romania's territorial-administrative reorganization, it shall be done in compliance with the concerning European and international legal standards and the principle of consultation with the concerned communities, and only after professional studies and technical analyzes which establish the new statutory priorities / guidelines / standards, and assess their possible impact.

With respect
Director Petru Tagorean

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